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About Us

Use technology to save money is an independent partner who is neither political in nature nor beholden to government. With an easy-to-use website upload or import your notices in seconds. Your site is branded with your jurisdiction, notices are published immediately.

Open, Transparent Government

Notices are way more comprehensive than “cost prohibitive” newspapers. Include:

  • Complete Bid Specifications
  • Detailed Maps for zoning hearings
  • Complete financial reports
  • Meeting agenda

Personalized Alerts - No more hunting for notices in the back of the newspaper. We e-mail or text message alerts based on preference of both type of notice and locality. (“Please e- mail me whenever there is a zoning hearing in Camden”). Set it up once and forget it.

Documentable - We provide an affidavit of publication.

Permanent - Notices in newspapers are gone and thrown out with the trash. Our notices stay up 24/7 for as long as you need them.

Environmentally responsible – No more trees need to be killed.

“The Functionality is incomparable; it's exactly what we need!” - County Clerk